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      ITech's Magnetic Tourmaline Boar & Nylon Brushes


      The boar bristles give the hair shine, while the nylon bristles grip the hair without tangling. You get fast and easy styling, whether you re blow-styling sleek looks, adding body to straight hair or creating fabulous updos. The boar bristles gives hair shine and body while the nylon bristles grip hair without tangling. Patented magnetic handle acts as magnet therapy to ease tired or painful wrists. Magnet allows brush to attach on any metal sur

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      Parlux 2800 Blowdryer


      The Original Parlux hair dryer. The Parlux 2800 hair dryer started the Parlux legend in hairdressing, and is still as popular today. The Parlux 2800 is a versatile and powerful hair dryer that is sometimes overlooked because of newer models with more features. Having a 1760-watt motor with an airflow of 67 Cubic meters/hour (50 liters per second) the 2800 still gives greater drying power than many salon hair dryers, yet weighs only 590grams. Because of its power, the Parlux 2800 hair dryer is equipped with 2 concentrator nozzles, one for fast drying- the other for precision styling. The Parlux 2800 hair dryer is ergonomically shaped providing an extremely comfortable working position and perfectly balanced weight distribution. Fitted with an extended 3 meter cable and long life motor.

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      Ti Touch Titanium


      Ultra smooth titanium plates heat up to 450'F in seconds while negative ion technoloy eliminate static. Can be used to straighten, curl, and flip.