In & Out Style Bar

Don’t let your hair get lost in the crowd. Our style experts are your secret to gorgeous hair for that big presentation, special dinner, or afternoon of carefree shopping. Just take a seat, open a menu, place an order, and leave the rest to our expert stylists!

Loyal Style Bar-devotees – accumulate points with your ‘Style Bar Addiction Card’ and earn free blow outs!

Straight Up (super straight)

Shiny, healthy, lustrous – your girlfriends will beg to know your secret. Our expert stylists will tame even the wildest of hair textures, leaving you with a glossy pin-straight style.

Neat (the classic)

Polished and ready to go – clean, classic, and collected. Blow dryer in one hand, brush in the other, our stylists will create this unmatched timeless look.

Shaken With A Twist (curls)

You project sweet but your inner curl screams “sassy.” Curls, curls, and more curls.

Stirred (s wave)

The embodiment of 40′s-style movie romance, your casual elegance sets you apart from the crowd. This wavy, done ‘do is perfect for any occasion from black tie to blue denim.

Dirty (sexy beach hair)

You have a sexy style with a wild edge. Big, bouncy beach-tousled curls.

Extra Dirty (’80’s rock/glam)

You make the bad girl look soooo good. For this Blow, we’ll go big, bouncy and sexy, guaranteed to generate a buzz.